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Director and President

Dr. Manisha ji is the founder Principal and President of the Brahmrishi Yoga Training College, Sector:19-A, Chandigarh. She is an academician of repute and a great spiritual saint. She is M.A.[Hindi , Sanskrit, Music], M.Ed, M.Ed [Yoga], and Ph.D. She has served as Principal in different institutions of International Brahmrishi Mission. She started B.Ed yoga[Affiliated with Panjab University ] in the year 1993 and O.T [Shiksha Shatri] recognised by Chandigarh Administration, Chandigarh , U.T. in the year 1995 & later on in 2007 E.T.T. (Elementary Teacher's Training) now known as D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education). After her superannuation Dr.Savita Kansal is the Principal of the college. She is M.Sc., M.Ed., & Ph.D. She is also an academician, researcher and having an ample teaching experience.

All my brother and sisters who regularly and thoroughly go through the "DIVINE RADIANCE" (which was introduced, incepted and incorporated as a part of the huge literature written by His Holiness Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawra Ji Maharaj so many decade ago) would definitely be anxious, curious and eagerly trying to know something regarding that great personality who as chief editor is writing, evey month editorial of this holy booklet "DIVINE RADIANCE". Dr. Manisha Ji popularly known as Didi Swami Dr.Manisha Ji in saffron, she had never been proud of all those rare qualities, distinctions, intelligence, unmatched intellect, dynamic and pioneer educationist of repute (which are going to be mentioned below) but is really proud of the fact at a very tender age she surrendered herself on the holy feet of a great Master His holiness Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawra Ji Maharaj. She proved herself to be a true disciple and reverend Guru Ji left nothing to any chance in grooming, inspiring and teaching all most all religious books in depth to her disciple.

Despite the fact that she was kept in such a vast era, even then she had been going regularly to schools, college and university ultimately attaining the degrees in M.A. Hindi and Sanskrit), Sangeetacharya M .Ed. and M.Ed. Yog and Ph.D.(on Goswami Tulsi Dass's Literature). As we all know that the mission has so many educational institutions throughout the country and one of those is at Chandigarh namely B.Y.T.C which was instituted in 1993 and Swami Dr.Manisha Ji shouldered the responsibility of the Principal of the institution and later on the chief editor of the Divine Radiance as well. She proved her wroth and remained above the expectations of Reverend Guru Ji in both the fields. She was approved Principal upto Jan-09. Now she is working as the President of the college.

Whatever has been mentioned here is secondary part of her life and the most important part is that she attained the super stage of meditation and yoga. Most of the years, of her life have been spent in rigorous 'Sadhana and Anusthans' under the guidance of Reverend Guru Ji. Finally his Holiness Guru Ji blessed her with Sanyas in June, 1984 at the pilgrim of Badrinath Dham brought her to the world stage, as a religious preacher, so on the front, she was not restricted only to India but had been speaking before thousands of people including august gathering in USA, U.K. Holland, Germany, Canada, Italy and many other countries also.

If her services towards the humanity are bit collaborated, she spent her maximum time in the noble cause of education working as a Principal in various institutions of the mission i.e. from 1968 to 1970 in Bal Siksha Niketan at Ludhiana, 1970 to 1972 at Bal Shiksha Niketan, Chandigarh, 1972 to 1976 at Bal Shiksha Niketan, Kullu and from 1976 to 1991 at Vishva Shiksha Niketan, Virat Nagar, Pinjore, from 1993 to Jan,2009 in Brahmrishi Yoga Training College, Chandigarh. During this teaching period, maximum stress has been given on Yoga and particularly on practical Yoga.

* In 1988, she was in Canada and America.
* 1991 in England and other countries.
*2004 in Holland and other countries.
*2005 in Canada
*2007 in Mauritius
*2008 in America, Holland, Norway etc.
*2010 in Holland
*2013 in U.S.A, Holland
*2014 in U.S.A, Canada, U.K.

Her selfless services towards humanity compel every human being to wish her a long healthy, happy and prosperous life.